TC Electronic M-One XL Features:

    •    20 incredible TC effects: Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo, Pitch, Delay, Dynamics...

    •    Analog-style User Interface

    •    Presets: 100 Factory/100 User

    •    Dual-Engine design

    •    24 bit A/D-D/A converters

    •    S/PDIF digital I/O, 44.1-48kHz

    •    XLR Jacks - Dual I/O

    •    24-bit internal processing

TC Electronic  D-TWO


Special Rhythm Tap Feature!

The D-Two Multi-Tap Rhythm Delay is a general purpose, dual engine processor that comes in handy in a wide range of applications. The central feature of the D-Two is a very musically oriented Rhythm Tap feature. You can not only tap in the tempo, but actual rhythmical patterns can be tapped in directly, and quantified according to specific tempo and subdivision. You can also control the exact number of repeats with Absolute Repeat Control feature, and even specify repeats of up to one second each. The Rhythm Tap can easily be applied for live sound and recording applications - and also post production, broadcast, installed sound and a variety of other situations where a creative and intuitive delay can be utilized. Featuring up to 10 seconds of delay, the D-Two provides six Direct-Access add on features, including Spatial, Ping-Pong, Reverse, Dynamic Delay, Chorus and Filter. There's also comprehensive MIDI implementation and S/PDIF I/O.